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A selection of published work:

Flyfisher's Guide to Southwest Montana's Mountain Lakes
Cherry Creek Runneth Over (American Angler, November/December 2016)
Fjellvant Fly Fishing photo essay (Catch Magazine, October/November2016)
Wind River Range (Northwest Fly Fishing, January/February 2016)
Exposure: Montana Back Country photo essay (Northwest Fly Fishing, November/December 2015)
The Doused Mouse Dilemma (American Angler, May/June 2015)
Bitterroot River: Confronting Cutthroats (Northwest Fly Fishing, March/April 2014)
Whitefish Ed: Creating his own elbow room (The Drake, Fall 2013)
The Natives photo essay (Montana Sporting Journal, Winter Issue 2014) (part of a larger essay)
The Nuance of High-water Marks: What you might not know about the stream access law (Montana Sporting Journal, Winter 2014)
The Cold Truth about Hotspotting (Montana Sporting Journal, Wingshooting Issue 2013)
Adventures of the Aguabonita (Montana Sporting Journal, Wingshooting Issue 2013)
Seyler Lane Supreme Court Hearing, for
This Land is Your Land, for PLWA
Ice-out Trout photo essay (Montana Sporting Journal, Fishing Issue 2013)
No Bull: Bull Trout Fishing in Montana (Montana Sporting Journal, Fishing Issue 2013)
Flies for Montana, by Montanans
Forecasting Rises and Beguiling Gulpers
Darlington Ditch: Fishing Montana's Gray Area (The Fly Fish Journal)
Maximize your Salmonflies: The Big Bug's Itinerary
A mind of its rotenone: How much do we value native fish?
Gem Hunting: Identifying Fishy Creeks
The Tropics of Montana: Cliff and Wade Lakes
Baby, it's Below Zero: Surviving Winter Away from the Water
Golden Bones and Water Wolves
Going for Gold...en Trout
In the Nick of Time: Ice Out on Lakes
Predicting the Early-Season Hatches: Mother's Day Caddis and Skwalas
The Un-Hatchers: Scuds, Sowbugs, and Annelids
Do Not Disturb? A Look at Fishing to Spawning Trout
A Year in the Life: Seasons on the Gallatin